About Us

Mission Statement

Our purpose at ISPINE is to improve the quality of life and functional capacity of each patient through individual consultation and targeted treatments. Using an comprehensive approach to interventional pain management, we offer a variety of services for the diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine, spine and pain-related disorders.

About Us

ISPINE has quickly earned a reputation among patients, doctors and other professionals as the best place to be treated for acute and chronic pain symptoms. Utilizing advanced interventional techniques and minimally invasive procedures, ISPINE grew out of a need to treat patients suffering from pain-related disorders where traditional physical therapy and medication management did not provide satisfactory results.

Meet our Doctors

Reginald J. Newsome, M. D.

Dr. Newsome received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a Neurosciences Concentration and a Minor in Chemistry from Duke University. He then went to medical school at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio. He transferred to the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston for his General Surgery internship and Anesthesiology residency training. It was during these years of training that he gained exposure to orthopedic trauma, sports medicine, and pain management. After 3 years of working, he chose to pursue further training by completing an Interventional Spine and Pain Management fellowship in Dallas, Texas at the Solar Health Pain Management Institute under the tutelage of Dr. Mohammed Zulqarnain and Dr. Haroon Rasheed.

Dr. Newsome uses a comprehensive, integrative, and holistic approach, offering alternative medicine therapies and the most innovative, minimally invasive procedures alongside medication management. Furthermore, he is passionate about health, wellness, and nutrition and continues to research these subjects. His current research involves regenerative medicine and the use of stem cells in the pain management and interventional spine sector of medicine.

Mical Duvall,M.D.

Dr. Duvall received a Master of Science degree in Bio-Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in spine bio-mechanics from Temple University. Soon afterwards, she went to medical school to pursue her medical degree at Drexel University and did 3 years of neurosurgery residency at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio. Later, she completed her studies at Louisiana State University and became an anesthesiologist. She is now completing a fellowship in interventional spine/pain management under the direction of Dr. Reginald J. Newsome at the I-Spine Sports Medicine and Pain Management Institute.

Between growing up the daughter of a surgeon and competing in the highest levels of horse jumping, she has been involved in sports medicine her whole life. Dr. Duvall is quite competitive in the equestrian sports community. She is married with two wonderful children.